Kumulo Creative Compound is an outdoor creative compound of 25 curated micro-shops of artisans and creatives who uphold the spirit of collaboration. Located inside the Breeze, BSD City, it serves as a conducive incubator that hopefully will release limitless creativity and drives resident brand forward and grow together in a healthy and collaborative manner. Kumulo is taken from the Latin word "cumulus" which means a collection of clouds that symbolizes the dreams of creative people.
It is our hope that in Kumulo we can make these dreams come true by working together, in a healthy spirit of collaboration.The shape and direction of the building design at Kumulo carries the concept of modern minimalism taking inspiration from the Japanese Zen philosphy, which places the value on simplicity as a way to achieve inner freedom, which is expected to unleash limitless creativity to propel every brand forward and grow to achieve dreams and hopes. This collective energy and synergy are the keys that make Kumulo unique from the others.