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Book this 48m2 space for meetings, events, film, photo shoots, etc. Ideal venue for your Brand Activation to get more awareness and exposure in order to grow your business. Contact us +62 821 1719 5959 for more details!
Kumulo Concept is Kumulo Souvenir Shop which carries out children's concept store, offering kids clothing, wooden toys, children story books, light bites, chocolates, artwork decoration, scented candles, plush toys, illustrated tote bags and a bunch of other cute stuffs! Also grab some Kumulo related goodies from our souvenir shop!
Unit: 3x6m available for pop-ups with minimum 3 month period. Contact us +62 821 1719 5959 for more details!
Naked Inc. is a zero-waste health food store where you can shop for your groceries and household goods. Here you can find health foods, such as fresh produce, organic tempe, beans, nuts, dried fruits and superfoods: quinoa, flaxseed, etc. (ranging from IDR 15,200 to 38,500 per 100 grams). Now you don’t have to go all the way to Kemang (their first flagship store) to get your health food supplies!
They are here to make sure you get your caffeine dose of the day while in the area!
Try their all-time favorite: Kopi Selamat Pagi or Kopi Sore sore, if you want something different.
Euódia Home is a home fragrance brand producing high quality fragrance diffusers, soy scented candles, home & linen sprays and hand wash. The name Euódia is the embodiment of our passion, originating from the Greek word meaning a sweet smell and a prosperous journey. Inspired by this philosophy, we craft each scent meticulously to achieve the utmost in olfactory experience.
Fudgybro is a brownie maker that offers a fudgy-gooey brownie texture. With a tagline "No bulls**t, it's not just made with love, it's made with a freakin’ great chocolate" Fudgybro always use a high quality ingredients to make people who taste the brownie got #FUDGEDUP. We offer more than 7 flavors with Cadbury and Red Velvet as the best-seller flavors.
Tri Hita Karana is a social enterprise that empowers traditional silversmiths from remote areas of Indonesia, one of the being Kendari Werk silversmithers. All our products has philosophical meanings behind it, giving the wearer a deeper personal significance when wearing our products. We are also eco-conscious, we put a lot of thought on every business process to try and minimize our carbon footprint and waste whilst upcycling and recycling. One show of commitment is our by using up-cycled fabric for our jewelry pouch.
La Favore comes from the Italian word "Favore" wich means favor.
The brand philosophy is to provide Kindness dan Happiness for people who enjoy their Gelato.
“Our gelato is healthier than ice cream. That's because ice cream uses lots of heavy cream, while gelato uses milk. As it contains less sugar and fat.”
La Favore serves more than 25 flavours with good consistency that is TASTY, HEALTHY & HYGIENIC. They are more than happy to serve you their all-time favorites, Biscoff, Dark Choco and Strawberry Cheese Cake with bunch of other yummy flavors!!
Treat Nail Spa and Retail Store specializes in Specialty Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatments, Story-based Nail Arts, as well as our curated local and international Retail Goods. Yes, we are here to serve you a relaxing retreat in the midst of your daily hustle. An experience that we aspire to make your day! That being said, we are also interested in getting to know you and have a conversation with you. Here in Kumulo, we want to be able to be a part of a community full of good people - you!
Through some of the purchases made, Treat also intends to expose and support causes in Sumba. Our aim is that youths in Sumba may have a better education and opportunity through our existence as a community and as a business.
A divine meeting between the founder who was a part-time delivery pizza guy when studying in Melbourne, Australia and his old friend, a good Chef who inspired them then to make the best pizza in town. They don’t like stereotyping, so decided to make their own pizza; not as New York nor Italian style. Their very own signature pizza: homemade, authentic and experimental. They now open 4 comfortable homes which are located in Terogong and Crumble Crew, SCBD, Bintaro and Kumulo, BSD. They sort everything out for you, so that’s why they try to make Sliced Pizzeria approachable, simple, affordable and sustainable for everyone to enjoy!
Eunoia is a locally-owned, ready-to-wear clothing brand based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Eunoia was born out of the creative minds of Melfin Novi Ustaman, Sally Yolanda Setiawan, and Selvi. Inspired by the belief that fashion should be simple, classic, and everlasting; eunoia represents its brand through three basic colors, quality fabrics, and authentic designs. Since Eunoia’s launch in November 2014, they strive to offer timeless styles in three basic colors black, white, and grey, and also do some collaboration with another local brand and fashion influencer. The brand receives recognition for providing women with sophisticated style in effortless way.
Tea Label started out as exploration in design and creativity to exude elegance, simplicity and timelessness in jewelry design.Tea Label is very proud of its Indonesian local-brand identity. Since its inceptions, it has constantly incorporating Indonesian heritage to its design, harmonizing modern craftsmanship with traditional touch synonymous with Indonesia's diverse culture.
A Modern Genderless Botanical Skincare & Remedies for Urbanites High Intensity Lifestyle, GoodVibes established as a micro business in Jan 2019, started by a mother whose autism kid with sensitive respiratory and skin conditions. GoodVibes aimed to be the solution for those urbanites with high intensity lifestyle seeking for high quality natural products that performs well and safe to use in the long run. In the shop, you will find a range of personal care items such as shampoo, essential oils, hand wash, deodorant, and other collaborative products with local creatives.
If you have any inquiries, you can visit our management office and our staffs would be happy to serve you!
Kin Dog Goods is a Bali-based shop which sells good quality food for your pets. You will also find dog lifestyle goods, supplements & skin care to improve your dogs health naturally. The only pet haven in the compound where you will find not only a full range of raw foods for your dogs and cats, but also an extensive range of supplements and toppers to keep your pets the healthiest they can be. Yup, pets are welcomed here!
*mana* hawaiian for magical Happiness. Manatea is bulit on creating a dessert place with honest, real and guilt free ingredients, Combining desserts and beverages with comforting tea blends. Who says full flavored desserts have to be sinful? With a french dining background and contemporary design discipline, we strongly believe that fresh ingredients and designs are key in creating an honest food concept. Manatea Lab is our own playground with endless possiblities, heightening every dessert experience with our own personal twist.
Unit: 3x6m available for pop-ups with minimum 3 month period. Contact us +62 821 1719 5959 for more details!
The name Beads Ink came from an idea that every piece of our jewellery should has its own story written within. As a concept attached to each of our product, the story brings out an added value to our uniquely design and handcrafted jewellery. Like writing a story is created by ink, a series of accessories are created by beads, producing a one of a kind, specially made, a conceptual jewellery to complete your whole looks and make you feel effortlessly special by wearing our collection.
Unit: 3x3m available for pop-ups with minimum 3 month period. Contact us +62 821 1719 5959 for more details!
Established in 2016, offers the first gourmet edible cookie dough in town. You can either eat it, bake it, or mix it as you like! All of the cookie dough variants are EGG-Free and are using heat-treated flour which makes them safe to be consumed directly. We also offer other cookie dough based treats, such as cookie dough infused ice cream, classic baked cookies, milkshake, cookie sandwich, cookie skillet and many more! psst: Vegan cookie dough and various vegan treats are also available upon request! In our Kumulo store, for the first time ever, we collaborate with our sister brand, The Brunch Club Jakarta in curating a special brunch menu, to bring some new and exciting flavor to the space.
Our story begins with our fascination with vending-machine culture from Japan. How vending-machines are readily available and how the drinks are various and eye-catching. And most importantly, how enjoyable the practice of self-service for these vending machines. With the on-going pandemic and no time-frame of when it will stop, the self-service culture became a critical aspect of reducing human interaction. People have praised this concept because Tokyu Dorinku honors people's safety and respects the social distancing measures. Tokyu Dorinku wants to precede people to a self-service society. And by creating more outlets that serve various delicious drinks, Tokyu Dorinku hopes that it can be the solution to build these behaviors.
Unit: 3x6m available for pop-ups with minimum 3 month period. Contact us +62 821 1719 5959 for more details!
A collection of 100% natural skincare products — Pourie offers a range of all-natural-based body & skincare products to encourage and support the skin's ability to be in balance with its own natural processes.
“We believe that our miraculous skin holds much wisdom, and as the largest organ in the body, our skin has its own rhythms. We choose to be mindful of what you are applying to your skin as we know the importance of the role that this plays in your daily health and self-care.” “Our products contain no artificial ingredients. They are made of botanical oils, plants, fruit extracts, essential oils, and other finest raw materials sourced from nature. Every ingredient that we include in our products has a specific therapeutic reason and benefit.“ “We intend to create basic routine products (cleansing-balancing-moisturizing-renewing) that nurture glowing health, in conjunction with radiant beauty. Hand created with love and care, every product can be used from head to toe, and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and 'special skin' condition that can't tolerate any chemical at all, and the most important thing is it's safe for the entire family.”
Here are some of the things you will find in the store: all-natural basic bath ritual products, bathroom accessories in collaboration with local artisan such as linen bath robes, handmade rattan baskets, ceramic soap holders, handmade crochet shower poufs and many more.
Delicious & healthy beverages made with love for your beloved body. 100% Raw & Unpasteurized.
FREDHELLIGH came about from our creative director’s frustrations: from looking at great houses with not-so-great-looking brooms, to being unable to find locally in Indonesia, a one-stop shop for products which are well designed, beautiful looking, functional, and environmentally sustainable. The five of us homebodies got together with the same mission: to create a store for home products which are beautiful, functional, and environmentally sustainable, with a focus on locally designed and sourced products. The name FREDHELLIGH is a playful take on the Norwegian words ‘“Fred” (peace), “Hellig” (holy ->holiday), and the letter “H” for “Home”. We are your source for products to create a “peaceful holiday at home”. We exist to help you create enjoyable precious moments while staying at home. Why the foreign-sounding name? Mainly because it perfectly describes our mission, but also, we feel most Indonesians are still more attracted to anything that sounds “foreign” when it comes to high quality products. We enjoy surprising our customers when they ask if our brushes come from Europe, only to be told they are locally made by our Indonesian craftsmen. We are proud of our Indonesian skills and talents, and we want to showcase them to everyone.
And so that’s our story.
Come and enjoy their store and products. You’ll find anything from kitchen to bathrooms, functional and beautiful. May you have a peaceful holiday at home.